Wednesday, June 18, 2008

His Prophecy


The Chief Baron Pollock is very fond of telling the following story about himself:

When he left St. Paul's school somewhat unexpectedly and in a way which gave some offense to the high master the latter personage gave it as his opinion that he would live to be hanged.

After a brilliant career at Cambridge Pollock came out senior wrangler and was elected fellow of Trinity. On hearing this his old master said:

"I always foretold that he would fill a very exalted station." — London Standard.

Big For His Age

Uncle Gabe walked around the stalwart football player with an air of critical curiosity. He looked up and down as he would have done a horse he was about to purchase. "Amandy!" "What is it, Gabe?" "He's nigh onto 6 foot, ain't he?" "Every inch of it." "Weigh about 190 odd?" "I reckon." "Well, football certainly does develop 'em most powerful" — "Certainly, a fine young man" — "Man? Mandy, Professor Bunter told me hisself 't that feller's in his fourth year! Talk about your oatmeal porridge!" — Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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