Friday, June 13, 2008

Finger Rings


What to Wear and on Which Finger You May Wear Them.

While for many years diamonds and other jewelry have been pronounced bad form for street wear, it being permissible for them to make appearance with dinner and evening gowns only, rings of every variety are allowable from morning until night.

The wearing of a ring on the second finger went out of fashion long ago, and even the handsomest of jewels worn there is considered a mistake, stamping the wearer as, to say the least, decidedly provincial.

Thumb rings have been attempted very often, but the fad has never had many followers, one reason perhaps being that it is a very uncomfortable practice.

The first finger is as bad as the second, as far as fashion decrees, and to the third and little fingers falls the entire responsibility of wearing these jeweled circles.

The idea of the third finger of the left hand being reserved for engagement and wedding rings still holds good, but as many other rings as can find place on that finger are also permissible.

Some women give evidence of considerable artistic taste in the artistic way in which they order their jewels set. The marquise rings are always favorites, for they make the fingers look long and slender. Three large stones, two diamonds and a ruby, emerald or sapphire make a ring which is very popular.

Turquoises in every shape, but always encircled with diamonds, are very fashionable and extremely becoming to the hand.

Very rarely is any single stone, unless it be a diamond, set alone.

The fad of wearing a birthday stone is a well known one, and almost every woman has a ring set with the stone accredited to the month in which she was born.

If the stone, as is generally the case, be not one of those classed as precious, it is generally set deep in a small gold band and worn so that it does not show forth very prominently. —Vogue.

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