Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Giraffe's Head a Sledge Hammer


"Speaking of knockers," said Ed Coyne, who for the last ten years has been keeper of Daisy, the giant giraffe at the zoo, "do you know that the giraffe is the original and natural knocker? Look at that long, slender neck and the lumpy, bony head at the end of it. It reminds you of a sledge hammer, and that is what it is, in fact. When Daisy gets excited, she begins knocking — that is, she throws her head from side to side, using it like a hammer and dealing fearful blows with certain aim. If any other person besides myself should enter her stall, he would get a blow from her head that would knock him senseless, and then she would trample and kick him to pieces. The animal has but a small brain and cannot be reasoned with. The only way to get along with her is to be quiet and not get her excited. I can do about as I please with her. I enter the stall at all times, feed her and brush her off every day. She is a clean beast and gives but little trouble. A new keeper would have a hard time with her, as she knows me and will not ]et a stranger do anything for her." — Cincinnati Times-Star.

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