Monday, June 9, 2008

A Historical Footnote


It was a diminutive history club — only two members — but the interest was vivid and intense. After "the place" in "French Revolution" had been found — and lost — and found again several times, and both members had admired each other's new shell side combs, one of the members made a remark.

"Oh, Mayme," she said excitedly, "what do you think? There's been a new history of Napoleon written, and it just praises him up like everything and tells awful things about Josephine — awful things. It says she was just as immoral as she could be!"

Mayme's face was a study. She was raptly attentive, her eyes alert, her expression incredulous. Then she opened her intellectually shaped mouth and remarked, "Aw, come off!" — Philadelphia Press.

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