Friday, June 13, 2008

Maternal Love


The devoted attachment of the mother to her young is known to exist in every range of life, a fact which proves that "self preservation is not the first law of nature," for even the most fragile being which flees from man and other enemies disregards personal safety and will fight until death when the safety of its helpless offspring is concerned. An adder would hardly be selected as a type of loving affection, yet we hear a story of one which, when approached, gave a fearful hiss, and at this signal four little adders instantly glided down her throat for protection. Waiting to shelter them from the menacing danger, she lost time in getting away, and the narrator of time story was able to kill her. — Philadelphia Times.

Grown Cold

Wife — Oh, George, I fear your love has grown cold.
Husband — Well, if it has, it is only because it is trying to match the steak and coffee you give me every morning. — Detroit Free Press.

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