Friday, June 6, 2008



If baked potatoes are to be more digestible than those that are boiled, they must be baked in a quick oven where the starch granules are exposed to a greater degree of heat than in boiling, and consequently where a greater chemical change takes place. Baked potatoes retain their salts and potash, that are usually lost by boiling them without their jackets. In taking baked potatoes from the oven pricking or pressing them quickly will allow the steam to escape, and they will not be so apt to grow watery if it is necessary to delay the eating of them. In a similar way boiled potatoes that cannot be eaten at once may be kept more "mealy" if not closely covered, as in case there is no escape for the steam that accumulates on the cover over them it will drip back on to the potatoes. — New York Post.

The Difference

Oldboy — Hello, old man! What's up? You don't look as trim as you used to during the first few months of your honeymoon. Doesn't your wife still brush you up?
Wedly — No. She combs me down. — New York Herald.


Hereafter all telegraph and telephone poles which are erected in the streets of Hartford must be of well seasoned chestnut wood, octagonal in shape, to be painted a dark green uniformly, and not over 40 feet in height from the ground

The China or tea wheat is said to have come from a grain found in a chest of tea.

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