Thursday, June 12, 2008

Transplanting Hair


A Dexterous Frenchman's Way of Correcting the Forehead's Fringe.

A dexterous French feat is that of growing hair along the foreheads of women with whom nature has been cruel in arranging for the hair to grow too far back on the forehead, where the hair springs in an ugly, irregular line.

From other parts of the head short, new, sprouting hairs are delicately extracted and replanted along the top of an uncomely forehead. This system of repotting hair is done according to the rules nature observes in the management of her hair crops, and after about three months of careful, regular attention daily at the office of a specialist a woman comes forth browed like a Madonna or the glorious Greek Venuses, just as she may have selected.

The inventor of the new process clings boldly to the argument that no woman can ever expect to lay any claim to beauty whose forehead is, as he expresses it, "ungracefully draped," and that of all beautiful women he never found a face that for half its charm did not depend upon the lovely framing of the forehead.

Modern training, he argues, has enlarged the size of women's heads nearly a half inch all round and added, too, a half inch of what he chooses to call "bald face" to her forehead's depth. The increase in the head's size has taken from perfect feminine grace, and the widening of forehead from eyebrows to hair roots has nearly destroyed the low, Madonna browed woman, the type of most perfect feminine loveliness. — San Francisco Argonaut.


Toward the middle of this century an extensive manufacture sprang up in England of candles made from the oil of a tar brought from Burma.

Account books such as were used by merchants in the days of Pericles cost 18 cents.

Beaufort, S. C., was named after Henry, duke of Beaufort.

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