Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Valuable Tip


Meissonier lived and died at Poissy. A few years before the downfall of the empire Princess Mathilda, who was a great admirer of the artist, paid a visit to his studio; Meissonior pressed her to stay to dinner. The princess would no doubt have gladly accepted the invitation, but she was anxious to get back early to Paris, and the 8:30 express did not stop at Poissy.

"Is that all?" said Meissonier. "I will put that right."

And he walked down to the station, where he obtained authority to stop the express. Next day he went to thank the station master and promised him a study. Some time later the station master reminded the artist of his promise.

"The fact is, I'm at a loss for a subject."

"Well, then, paint my portrait."

And thus it came to pass that the Poissy station master obtained a picture which at the present day is worth from 12,000 to 15,000 francs. — Journal de Rouen.


The Hindoo maidens have a feast of lamps, very prettily alluded to by Moore in "Lalla Rookh." A lighted lamp is set adrift on the Ganges, and from its fate is foretold that of the owner.

French architects during the reign of Henry IV expected to receive 1 per cent of the cost of the houses they erected.

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