Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Artistic Career


She — Isn't Mr. Pallette married?
He — Yes.
She — Why, I thought he sought an artistic career.
He — He did and hit it. He wore the most elaborate clothes procurable, lived at the best hotel in town and married a woman with a million. If that isn't artistic, I'd like to know what you call it. — Detroit Free Press.


Mother — Johnny, go down to the grocer's and get a pound of black tea.
Johnny — I heard pa say he didn't like black tea.
Mother — It makes no difference what your father says, Johnny. This family is in mourning now. — Berliner Tageblatt.


Outer blinds for windows were unknown until the fourteenth century. The Venetian or interior blinds are so called because they were first used in Venice.

The Chinese claim to have specimens of writing dating from B. C. 2200.

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