Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cause For Embarrassment


One of the things that she believes in — and a very good belief it is, many husbands will say — is that the woman who is at the head of the house should do her own marketing. She dropped in at her butcher's in the afternoon, when she was on her way to a matinee at the opera, and gave an order. Another of her principles is to pay spot cash for everything she buys and to run no accounts, but on this day she had forgotten her pocketbook.

"I did not ask them to charge it to me," she said. "I did not want them to do that. I explained that I had forgotten my pocketbook, and that they were to send the purchase to my house, and on the next day when I came again I would pay them.

"And, would you believe," she said, opening her eyes, "that they refused? And I said to them, 'Very well, then, send it around, collect, and I shall not come here to buy anything more.'"

So far so good, but —

"And do you know," she said, with the most innocent smile in the world, "that I went there the very next day and have been going there over since because it's the best shop and the most convenient. And they looked very funny when I came in and gave my orders as usual. I think they must have been embarrassed." — New York Tribune.

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