Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Hint to Would Be Orators


Apropos of Lord Randolph Churchill, an incident may be related which is interesting as showing his pluck and vigor. It relates to the noble lord's early parliamentary life.

He was determined to make an impression upon the house of commons, but some of his friends doubted the wisdom of his resolution. He said little, but he left London and took up his quarters at an inn in Rutlandshire. Here he spent his days and nights for a period of six weeks, with only an occasional trip to "town" for a day in writing and delivering speeches. He practically went into training upon every possible subject of debate. The landlady could hear her lodger hour after hour, day after day, walking about his room delivering speeches, now loud and angry, now soft and persuasive.

Perfected by practice, Lord Randolph Churchill left for town, seized his opportunity, made a big speech and henceforth became a man to be reckoned with. Only to his intimate friends did he over refer to his rural training in parliamentary oratory, which has been of such splendid service to him. — London Standard.

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