Saturday, June 14, 2008

Disillusioned in Short Order


A Shock to the Young Man Who Promised to Give Up Cigars.

"It is a sad thing to discover that one's idols are made of common clay," said a philosophical young person between the acts at the matinee the other afternoon, "but it's sadder to know that some idolizer has found you to be an ordinary mortal and not a goddess."

"Has any one made that interesting discovery in regard to you?" asked her companion.

"Yes, and the discovery was made so painfully. You know, in the prehistoric period, when I was just emerging from the schoolroom, I felt that it was woman's duty to 'influence' the men of her acquaintance. In the course of time I had my first proposal, and although I was obliged to say nay to the young man's request I felt that here was a chance to elevate him. So telling him of my purely sisterly regard for him I begged him to give up the vile habit of smoking. He promised. Well, time passed on, and I had almost forgotten him when my brother Dick brought him home the other night. He had been away for years and had always cherished this sweet and lovely memory of me in a white party gown, with an angelic expression of countenance, begging him not to smoke. And Dick brought him out into my little den, where Flossie and I were smoking! My dear, the expression of utter disillusionment on that man's face almost persuaded me to give up the alluring cigarette. But wasn't it funny?" — New York World.


"Rocked In the Cradle of the Deep" was an inspiration which came to Mrs. Emma Willard, a New York teacher, during her return voyage from Europe. The music was composed by Joseph Philip Knight, the teacher of music in her academy.

In almost all countries the birthday of the reigning sovereign is regarded as a popular holiday.

Richmond, Va., was named from Richmond on the Thames.

Near the Caspian sea there are several "eternal fires," so called by the natives, where natural gas issues from the ground and has been on fire for ages.

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