Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Good Idea of Color


The doorbell rang in a house in Westchester county, and an expressman stood there with a large package to deliver. "Does a Mr. Brown live here?" said he. "I was told to deliver this bundle to a man named Brown, who lives in a red house on Rutgers street. I did not know but this might be the place."

"Well, but this house is green," said the lady of the house.

"Oh, yes, so it is. I didn't notice that before. I guess, maybe, Mr. Brown lives next door."

Mr. Brown did live next door, and the house was a bright red. — New York Herald.

A Mutual Service

He — I am very unfortunate. It seems I can please nobody.
She — Come, cheer up. I have no one to admire me either.
He — Tell you what — let's found a society for mutual admiration. I, for instance, admire your beautiful eyes, and what do you admire in me?
She — Your good taste. — Dorfbarbier.

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