Sunday, June 15, 2008

John Bull as a Sport


It may give some idea of the place of sport in English life to the sedentary American to say that it is difficult to find an Englishman between 18 and 65, in fair health and not supported by the rates, who is not a performer at some kind of sport or interested in some phase of it. Of the 673 reviews and magazines of a nonreligious character printed in England, one in six is largely devoted to some form of out of door sport or occupation.

In a word, John Bull loves the fresh air. He is a sportsman, an athlete, a soldier, a sailor, a traveler, a colonist; rather than a student, and all the figures bear one out in making the statement. During those horrible days in the Crimea these sport loving "young barbarians" were "all at play" when they were not fighting, racing their ponies, getting up cricket matches and off shooting such game as there was. One family — the Pelhams — have hunted the Brocklesby pack of hounds for more than 175 years. — Forum.

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