Sunday, June 15, 2008

Marriage In Scotland


A Scotch minister has been telling some of his experiences in marrying people, which are rather funny. Sometimes when he has asked a couple to join hands the four join hands all round, as if preparing to sing "Auld Lang Syne." On several occasions When the question was asked of the bridegroom whether he took this woman for his wife no reply was returned. He then repeated the question more pointedly, which always brought out the tardy but cool response, "Oh, aye!"

A common practice after the knot is tied is for the minister to shake hands with the young couple and say, "I wish you much joy." A bridegroom once briskly replied, "The same to you, sir." The minister on one occasion remarked to a middle aged bride that this was the last time she should sign her maiden name. She coolly replied, "I've signed it lang eneuch, I think!" — Westminster Gazette.


Oct. 31, the day on which Nevada was admitted to the Union, is a legal holiday in that state.

In the reign of Claudius elephants were worth $700 apiece in Egypt and $1,100 in Rome.

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