Thursday, June 5, 2008

Old Glory


General Miles at a dinner party in this city surprised the guests by reminding them — a fact little popularly known, by the way — that the flag of the Union is older than that of any other now used by any other nation. The French tricolor is antedated by the stars and stripes a few years, and the British union jack as now flown came a little later. All other national flags have been modified to their present unfurling even after that period. Then what bird is older of creation and fuller of longevity than the eagle? If there be any, let him scream. — New York Mercury.

And That Settled It

"But, great heavens!" said the man, "you are already an editor, postmaster, justice of the peace and undertaker. Why in thunder should you have the county clerkship?"
"Sir," said the other man, proudly drawing himself up to his full height, "I was born in Ohio." — New York Recorder.


During the reign of Trajan a Roman laborer paid 6 cents for two pieces of woolen cloth to serve as socks.

Earthen dishes, large enough to hold the carcass of a lamb, were found in the Pompeiian kitchens.

A fair article of molasses can be made from the stalks of the common maize.

Louis Joliet furnished a name to Joliet, Ills.

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