Friday, June 13, 2008

Sterilized Water Wanted


The invention most needed now is some cheap and practical process of sterilizing drinking water without rendering it less palatable. The growth of population is steadily toward the cities, and in the cities good health depends more on good water than on any other one thing. Indeed it is believed by some that if the germs of disease can be kept out of food and water there will be little or no danger of the spread of the germ diseases. It is thought that pure water would reduce the death rate of any large city from 10 to 25 per cent at least. — New York World.

The After Dinner Nap

The after dinner nap has been under scientific or at least professional consideration lately, and it is finding friends and foes pretty evenly. It seems to be the consensus of opinion that the long lethargic sleep is not necessary or advisable to the person in health, but 40 winks are both grateful and beneficial and should be encouraged. — New York Times.

To Be Expected

Miss Robinson — What a worn look Mr. Brigg's face has!
Bradford — No wonder! He has been traveling on it for years. — Brooklyn Life.

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