Friday, June 13, 2008

Artificial Noses and Ears


The making of artificial noses and ears has become a good business within the last few years. A nose is first modeled to the proper shape in papier mache, and then it is waxed and varnished to the tint of the complexion of the noseless person. Ordinarily it is fastened on by means of a pair of spectacles, to the nosepiece of which it is firmly attached. In some cases, however, where the remaining stump is large enough, it is clamped in place, and the spectacles are not necessary. An ear is made in much the same way, but it is far more difficult to attach. Most frequently small springs fitting into the ear duct are used, but they are likely in the end to seriously impair the hearing.

Other physical deficiencies are remedied by wigs, false teeth and glass eyes. The last are made almost exclusively in Thuringia, Germany, and the workmen are marvelously expert. — Chicago Record.

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