Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Story of Mendelssohn


It is related of Mendelssohn at a public dinner, at which ladies were present, and where he was surrounded by a chorus of aggressive women clamoring for his autograph, that he allowed himself to be victimized with good nature until finally a fleshy matron of mature years handed him her card. Whether with malice prepense or not, it is not stated, but the composer wrote upon the card the music and words from Haydn's "Creation." "And God created great whales." This brought the autograph hunting to an end, and Mendelssohn was allowed to go on with his dinner. — San Francisco Argonaut.

In the Wrong Office

Caller — We are very rich, and we wish to marry our daughter to a count, a marquis or a duke.
Clerk (with dignity) — You are in the wrong office. This is a matrimonial agency. You will find the International Purchasing agency two doors to the left. — New York Weekly.


The first bits of India rubber that were sold in London for erasers brought about 75 cents a cubic inch.

Loaves of bread charred to a mass of black coal have been taken from the Pompeiian ovens.

Cochituate, Mass., was named from an Indian word meaning the place of the falls.

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