Sunday, June 15, 2008

This Stream Runs Up Hill


One of the few instances of a stream running up hill can be found in White county, Ga. Near the top of a mountain is a spring, evidently a siphon, and the water rushes from it with sufficient force to carry it up the side of a very steep hill for nearly half a mile. Reaching the crest, the water flows on to the east, and eventually finds its way into the Atlantic ocean. Of course it is of the same nature as a geyser, but the spectacle of a stream of water flowing up a steep incline can probably be found nowhere else in the country and appears even more remarkable than the geysers of the Yellowstone. — Cincinnati Tribune.


"A Life on the Ocean Wave" was the work of Epes Sargent, the idea being suggested to him during a walk on the Battery in New York one day when a high wind was blowing in from the sea. It was set to music by Henry Russell.

Trajan, the Roman emperor, knew the names of all the Praetorian guards in the city, about 10,000 in number.

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