Friday, June 13, 2008

Two Views Regarding a Cent


The Bank President Thought It Worth Hunting For; the Bookkeeper Didn't.

The president of one of Wall street's wealthiest banks finished dictating a private telegram to his stenographer, and taking out some change to pay for the message dropped a penny on the floor.

"Johnson," he said, "just find that cent."

Johnson searched diligently, but the coin refused to be found.

"If you can't find it, never mind. Get that telegram off and send Robert here."

Robert, one of the bank's messengers, came in and was told to find the cent. He got under the desk, and removing the thick for rug made a search after the missing coin without success.

"Well," exclaimed the president testily, "get a light."

A candle was brought, and after a third attempt the penny was discovered and was handed to the president, who dropped it into his pocket without a word. Just then a customer came in.

"Ah, good morning, Mr. Jones," said the president, "will I renew your $50,000 loan at the same rate and time as before?"

"Why, certainly, sir, certainly! The money market, I understand, is easier today?"

The next morning the head bookkeeper of the bank sauntered jauntily down to the correspondence department, took a cent from his pocket, tossed it on the mail clerk's desk and asked for a penny stamp. The coin twirled a merry dance on the desk, then, rolling off, plunged into the waste paper basket and was lost to view.

"Confound it," exclaimed the bookkeeper after poking among the papers a few times, "I can't bother with such a small thing as that!" Producing another penny, he got his stamp and walked off.

It may be added that the president's salary is well up in the thousands, and he is a very wealthy man besides. The bookkeeper has a salary of $2,500. — New York Sun.

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