Friday, June 13, 2008

An Uncanny Spot


The Mystery That Hovers O'er the Scene of a Georgia Tragedy.

It is a curious fact not generally known, but it is nevertheless true, that in Newton county the ground about the place where the body of the late G. W. Jones was found after he was assassinated some six years ago is perfectly barren and clean and has been so ever since that terrible event occurred.

The place in the woods at Newton and the identical spot where the body lay is marked with a stake. Around this stake for a distance of from 8 to 12 feet no grass or weeds have grown since that time, neither has there been any accumulation of leaves or other trash upon it from its surrounding trees, although the ground all about it is covered with them.

In fact, the ground on which the body lay when found is as clean as if it was swept with a broom and is as barren of grass and weeds as the middle of a public street.

Now, the question is, What is the cause of this singular phenomenon? Why is the spot barren, and why is it the leaves falling from the surrounding trees do not settle upon it the same as they do all around it? It is certainly rather singular and mysterious that nothing grows or remains upon that particular spot.

Perhaps it may yet lead to the discovery of the assassin of Mr. Jones. — Atlanta Constitution.

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