Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Artificial Pearl

It is possible to produce a film having much of the appearance of mother of pearl at a very trifling cost. For this purpose are required one part nitro cellulose, 7 or 8 parts of 100 per cent alcohol and 21 parts ether. Soluble glass is used as a solvent, 10 parts of this to 90 parts of water being the proportion. A series of interesting experiments in color, brilliancy and consistency are made by adding bisulphite of carbon in the proportion of 25 parts to 100 parts of the solution. Benzine may also be added, with the effect of changing the arrangement of the colors and varying their intensity. — New York Ledger.


He — Now, darling, I shall go and ask your father for you.
She — He won't give his consent.
He — How do you know?
She — Because four or five have tried it before you. — Detroit Free Press.

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