Thursday, August 28, 2008

Color In the Home.


The modern scientific decorator assures us that while yellows are all right for a hall or vestibule they should not be used in rooms where one reads or works. The reason assigned is that yellow does not absorb light, but is a strong reflector, and those reflected rays are trying to the eyes, but, more than that, are distinct brain disturbers. For the library or workroom the most soothing or satisfactory tint is coffee.

The influence of color upon temperament and physical condition being an accepted fact it follows in natural sequence that the treatment of living rooms is of real importance. Undoubtedly some natures respond quicker to these influences than others, but any one planning a change in furnishings will do well to give the matter some attention.

Teeth of Man and Animals.

A horse has 40 teeth, and a mare only 36, wanting the tusks, or so called "wolf teeth." The ox and sheep family have 32, each lacking the eight incisors of the upper jaw. The hog has 44 teeth, and the dog 42. Where the dental formula is perfect in all varieties of the human species it is found to show 32 teeth. — St. Louis Republic.

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