Saturday, August 9, 2008

Door Knockers


London is the only capital in the world where the door knocker still remains in existence. It is in no sense of the word diminishing or "going out," as an external article of household furniture. On the contrary, it is as numerous as ever.

But it has ceased to be as artistic as in the days of yore. There no longer seems to be any rivalry between neighbors about knockers. They present a dead level of uniformity of shape, and are more frequently painted black than bright. The former is much easier to keep clean than the burnished article. In short, a door knocker is now kept for use only, and it is impossible any longer to obtain any impression of the character and condition of the inmates of a house by the aspect of the knocker, although there still, perforce, remains a deal of individuality and character in the way the knocker is used. You can almost tell who your visitor is and his frame of mind by the way he manipulates it. — Philadelphia Ledger.

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