Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mustn't Ride Wheels to School.

New York, 1895

The teachers in the public schools at College Point, especially those who ride bicycles, are aroused over an order issued by The Board of Education forbidding them to ride their bicycles to school. The board declares that the minds of the teachers are concentrated more upon their wheels than upon their work at school. They further declare that wheeling tends to create immorality.

Burglars at Sag Harbor.

Burglars got into the dwelling of Capt. Robert Hanna, U. S. A., at Sag Harbor, just before midnight Thursday night. Their entrance awoke the servant, who gave an alarm, and the burglars fled. The house was searched and the family silverware was found in a heap in the dining room, ready to be lugged off.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, June 21, 1895, p. 1.

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