Monday, August 11, 2008

Instinct Betrayed Him


A curious story is told by our Vienna correspondent. A young man, the representative of a large firm, who carried a large sum of money with him, recently spent the night at a hotel at Presburg. As usual, he remained some time smoking in bed. Suddenly the burning cigar fell to the floor. He bent over to extinguish it, when he saw a hand projected from under the bed put the cigar out. It made him very uncomfortable. He lay awhile, and then, saying aloud: "How very cold! I shall get my fur coat!" He jumped out of bed, flew to the door and cried for help. The would be robber was caught. He confessed he knew the occupant of the room had money, which he hoped to get while he slept. He had been a fireman formerly and could not resist the impulse to extinguish the burning cigar. — London News.

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