Friday, August 29, 2008

Shoes and Gloves.


As a rule, that old fashioned word "tidy" is reserved rigidly for commendation of a housegirl or housewife in the lowlier walks of life. Your fine lady would scorn to be called "tidy," why, no one can exactly say. But she is in no danger of earning the appellation so long as it is the fashion to wear dirt white gloves with the handsomest street toilets.

A woman can never be pronounced faultlessly attired if there is anything amiss with her shoes or her gloves. A rusty shoe peeping from under a hem of glistening satin or chick crepon stamps its wearer, in the eyes of spectators, as a lopsided woman. But a rusty shoe may be cautiously concealed by care and attention, a soiled glove never. — New York Mail and Express.

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