Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wait Till the Summer Comes


A good story is related of a small tradesman in a Welsh town. Last winter a large lake near the town became frozen over for the first time for many years, and large numbers of people from a neighboring city came over for the purpose of enjoying some skating. As this sport was a novelty to the residents they became also desirous of entering into it and besieged the local iron monger for skates.

Incredible as it may appear, this individual had never heard of such articles, but, disdaining to admit his ignorance, replied that he had not any in stock. Wearied at last, however, by repeated orders for skates, he remarked to his wife:

"Mary, we must lay in a stock of these skates, for, look you, if there's such a great demand for them now, what will it be in summer, when the tourists come?"

Done With

Artist — I sold a picture yesterday.
Friend — Ah! What are you going to do with the money?
Artist — It's already done with. My landlady bought it for half the board bill I owed her. — Detroit Free Press.

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