Friday, August 8, 2008


New York, 1895

The Fragments of Glass Tore Out Mrs. Baxter's Eye.

Mrs. Alexander Baxter of Newtown met with a serious accident at her home Tuesday night from the explosion of a bottle of catsup. She was coming from the cellar, where the catsup is stored, when the bottle exploded, knocking her down.

Her screams brought her husband, who found her in a pitiful condition. The blood was flowing from several cuts about the face and head, and her left eye was completely torn from its socket. A piece of glass two inches in length was stuck in her cheek an inch deep. Fragments of the broken bottle were imbedded in her forehead, chin, and neck. Her hands were also severely cut.

A physician was called, and he removed the splinters of glass from her face and bandaged the wounds. The sight of one eye is totally destroyed, but the doctor said with careful treatment that of the other may be saved.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, June 14, 1895, p. 1.

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