Thursday, August 28, 2008

Made Her Warm.


When measles once ran riot in a girls' boarding school, the physician in charge had great difficulty in persuading his skittish patients to remain in bed and so induce the perspiration absolutely necessary to recovery. Every means was tried, but to no avail. The girls found it impossible not to just hop out from the blankets in order to run in and tell their next door neighbors that it was decided to trim the new hat with heliotrope, or that it was true that Cousin Fred was actually engaged, all of which seriously retarded recovery. It looked for a time indeed as though funerals might become epidemic as well as measles.

Finally the psychology teacher hit upon a scheme that seemed likely to work. It consisted in the few well girls stationing themselves in turn at the bed of each invalid and criticising her most unmercifully. The success of the plan was simply phenomenal. After but a few brief moments of such treatment the patient broke out into a profuse and violent perspiration. Recovery soon followed, the doctors were overwhelmed at this fresh proof of the influence of mind over matter, and the psychology teacher was a proud and happy pedagogue. — New York Sun.

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