Friday, June 13, 2008

Paper Hosiery


Paper gloves and hosiery are named as among the very latest novelties. Stockings which shall sell at 3 cents a pair are proposed. In fact, the experiment of making paper stockings has been going on for several months, and the party engaged therein believes that paper mittens or gloves would possess advantages in their season. The goods are light and airy and very comfortable in summer.

When finished and dyed, their appearance is similar to ordinary fabric goods. The knitting is from paper yarns. The paper yarns are made pretty much after the plan of making common paper twine, except that the former are put through certain special processes. The principle is that of making a sort of a nap on the yarn. This is done automatically. Ordinary paper twine or yarn is too smooth, but a good gigging up gives the yarn a nap, and this imparts softness. After the knitting has been done the goods are placed in a sizing bath made from potato starch and tallow, which imparts solidity and durability to the texture.

With paper passenger car wheels, paper water pails, why not paper socks and stockings? — Glover.

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