Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bismarck's Neat Answer


When he was a young man, Bismarck was for some time an official reporter for one of the courts of justice. In those days his temper sometimes got the better of him, but upon one occasion at least his wit saved him from disgrace.

This was, when questioning a witness, the latter made an impudent retort, whereupon Bismarck exclaimed angrily:

"If you are not more respectful, I shall kick you out of the room!"

"Young man," said the judge, interrupting the proceedings, "I would have you understand that this is a dignified court of justice, and that if there is any kicking to be done the court will do it."

"Ah, you see," said Bismarck to the witness, "if you are not more respectful to me, the court will kick you out of the room. So be careful, very careful, sir."

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