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John Mutter Engaged as Umpire

New York, 1895

Woodhaven and Ozone Park News

John Mutter has been engaged as umpire for the Hempstead base ball club.

The King's daughters of Ozone Park will give an entertainment at Americus Hall the latter part of this month.

The Siac base ball club will hold an entertainment and reception at Ballin's Hall on the 15th for the benefit of the club.

State Counselor John Ross paid a visit to Woodhaven Council No. 26, on Tuesday night. The council entertained him right royally.

Joseph Long, arrested Saturday night for fighting on the depot platform at the Woodhaven Junction station, was on Monday fined $10 by Justice Hendrickson.

Stephen Lott of Liberty avenue, who is working at Far Rockaway, met with a painful accident last week. While fitting a curbing he had one of his fingers broken.

August Mark who was arrested for cutting Mrs. Armbruster's head with a pitcher, was held for the grand jury by Justice Lott. Mrs. Armbruster was not able to leave her house, so the evidence was taken while she was in bed.

A bicycle race from Woodhaven to Freeport, 39¼ miles, took place Sunday afternoon under the auspices of the Clifton wheelmen. John Bub and Henry Kline were the only competitors. The prize was a gold medal. Bub beat Kline by two minutes.

Frank Dudenhausen, lately a druggist at Richmond Hill, is being tried for perjury before Judge Moore of Brooklyn. Bessie A. Dudenhausen, his wife, is pressing the charge. He denied that he was ever married to her, when in fact they had been married twice. She secured the divorce.

I. M. Hart of Union avenue has the full sympathy of his neighbors in his sad affliction by the sudden death of his wife. Mrs. Hart was a prominent member of the Baptist church and took an active part in all church work. She leaves five small children.

Saturday night Charles Dygert, the watchman at Woodhaven Junction, quarreled with four young men who were under the influence of liquor. He arrested Joe Long, when the others attempted to rescue him, but he held on to his man and took him to Jamaica. Monday morning Justice Hendrickson fined him $10.

The young ladies of Ozone Park have organized a King's Daughters' circle. The circle commenced auspiciously, fifteen workers having signed the roll. A beautiful enameled mallet, decorated with violets, has been presented to the circle. Miss Fanny Williams has been chosen president, Miss Mattie Tink treasurer, and Miss Hattie Lewin secretary.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, May 10, 1895, p. 8.

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