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Ignorance only is at the root of misunderstandings, such as the reply of a witness in a Midland police court, who, being asked, "Are you an agnostic?" replied, "No, your worship, a shoemaker!" Another witness at a county court was asked lately as he appeared in the box, "Have you sworn?" and replied, "Well, not much, but I have sworn a little this morning," an answer that affected even the gravity of the judge. But this swearer was outdone by an Irishman who had to appear as a witness. "What did you do, Pat?" asked, a friend afterward. "They says, 'Swear!' and I says '——,' and, begorra, they turned me out!" — Cornhill Magazine.

Did Not Forget That

Consulting Physician — Did you take the patient's temperature?
Young Doctor — By Jove! No! I forgot that.
Consulting Physician — What did you take?
Young Doctor — Well, I took my fee. — New York Herald.


Biggons were caps much resembling the pointed nightcap seen in comic pictures. They were worn in France in the fifteenth century by gentlemen when walking or traveling.

In Greenland the "candlefish" is used as a lamp. It is about 6 inches long and burns for 15 minutes.

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