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Citizen Member Shattuck of the Board of Health After Malefactors

New York, 1895

The board of health of the town of Jamaica held their regular monthly meeting at the Town Hall on Monday. Supervisor Everitt presided. Justice Lester was absent. Mr. Shattuck reported that complaint had been made that a cesspool on the premises of Mr. Choate, at Ozone Park, had been cleaned and the soil dumped on a vacant lot nearby. He had notified the health officer and with him made an investigation, and found that it was so. He wished to know the proper course to pursue.

Justice Lott said that it was a question in his mind if these minor offences should come before a magistrate. The board had no counsel. The highway commissioners and excise boards had counsel to advise them. Notwithstanding the fact that signs had been put up prohibiting the dumping of offal on vacant lots near the Jewish cemetery at Woodhaven, the dumping continued, and the signs had been torn down. An officer should be employed to remain on the ground and arrest the parties who do the dumping. He suggested that Mr. Choate, whose cesspool was recently cleaned, also William Scott, who had the job, and Levi J. Lynch, who prevented the soil from the cesspool being dumped near his house, be cited to appear before the board.

On motion of Justice Hendrickson, Justice Lott was directed to notify the parties to appeal before the board at a meeting to be held this evening.

Justice Lott said he would ascertain who the parties were that leased the ground near the Jewish Cemetery and have them at the meeting.

Citizen Member Shattuck reported that he had investigated a number of complaints that had been made to him and the nuisances had been abated.

The following bills were ordered paid: Adam Bush, burying three dogs, $3; Wilbur F. Lott, putting up signs, $3; Dr. T. J. Flynn, services as health officer, from February 27th to April 27th, $66.00; Dr. A. D. Van Siclen, killing and burying a glandered horse, $5.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, May 17, 1895, p. 8.

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