Friday, July 11, 2008

Irish Types


Three types at least are observable in the south of Ireland — first, the dark Italian looking Celt, also found in Devon; secondly, the tall, yellow haired Danish type, and, thirdly, the aboriginal Aryan of the Volga, with red or auburn hair and blue or green eyes, who may also be found in Cornwall.

The dark aquiline type of Wales differs considerably from that of the Irish, and the Irish language is nearer akin to Cornish than to Welsh. The traditional Irishman of caricatures is not often soon in the south, though this type is not unknown even among the upper classes.

The soft features and bright eyes of the modest peasant women present many varieties of beauty, and the mingled race of Cork and Kerry — fairer, as a rule, than that of the far west — is as vigorous as any in Scotland or in Yorkshire. — Blackwood's Magazine.


In 1613 no gentleman, either in England, France or Germany, thought for a moment of going abroad without his cloak, even in hottest days of summer.

In the year 1400 English horses suitable for cavalry brought $10 apiece.

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