Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Home Thrust


Mme. de Stael had fallen out with the Viscount de Choiseul, owing to certain malicious reports circulated by the latter. One day the lady and the viscount met in company, on which occasion good manners required that they should speak to each other. Mme. de Stael commenced, "We have not seen you for a long while, M. de Choiseul."

"Ah! Mme. l'Ambassadrice, I have been ill."

"Seriously, monsieur?"

"I had a narrow escape from being poisoned."

"Alas! Possibly you took a bite at your own tongue."

This little joke fell like a thunderbolt on the viscount, who was a notorious backbiter and mischief maker. The lesson was a severe one, but he richly deserved it and had not a word to say. — Savoir-Faire er Savoir-Vivre.

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