Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mind Your Eye


"Most persons," says an oculist, "regard the eye as something rather apart from the rest of their anatomy and not in much relation to it. They hardly realize that the condition of their sight affects their general health and are surprised to be told that when glasses are needed the wearing of them may add to their avoirdupois, make them sleep better or improve their appetites. Yet this is true, as any oculist or physician knows. An overworked eye nerve is as much of an agitator in the human system as any of the other nerves under abnormal pressure. Brain workers in particular should keep their eyes in the best possible condition and render them every possible aid.

"One valuable help is sufficient rest. And right here it should be said that to stop using the eye in reading or writing and begin an animated brain stimulating conversation keeps up the strain on the optic nerve. Strongsighted persons, too, abuse their eyes needlessly. No matter how well one can see, he should never work in a cross light. The light should always be from behind, if possible, or from the left side alone. A green shade helps materially in persistent, close work, and cold water syringed over the closed lids is a useful tonic. — New York Times.

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