Thursday, July 10, 2008

Genesis of the Lightning Rod


The first lightning rod was not constructed by Franklin nor set up in America, but by a monk at Seuttenberg, Bohemia, named Prohop Dilwisch. His apparatus was made and put together during the spring and summer of the year 1754 and was first set up in the garden of the cure of Prenditz (Moravia) on June 15 of the year above named. The rod attained as much distinction as that later made by Franklin and was the cause of the inventor being presented with much money and large estates. His enemies claimed that the rod was the cause of the great drought of 1757, 1758 and 1759, and upon the matter being reported to Vienna it was ordered to be taken down. — St. Louis Republic.

To Remove Mildew Spots

Moisten the mildewed spot with clear water, then rub over it a thick coating of castile soap. Scrape chalk with the soap, mixing and rubbing with the tip of the finger; then wash it off. Sometimes one coating suffices, but generally several are required.

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