Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cleaning Silver


Silver is cleaned at the shops by pressing the piece against a rapidly revolving wheel made of canton flannel in many rolls. The wheel reaches all irregularities of the surface, and the silver is polished without being scratched. An acid bath is used to cleanse repousse work, and the flannel wheel is afterward applied. Private silver is thus cleansed and polished by contract at the large silver warehouses. The cost is not high, and the work is vastly better done than it can be at home. — New York Sun.

Why Johnny Didn't Get Any Supper

"Papa, what is down?"
"Down, my boy, is the soft, fleecy covering that lies next to the skin of a bird. It is one of the lightest things in the world."
"Then when an elevator drops down 16 stories what makes it seem so — ouch! Quit!" — Chicago Tribune.

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