Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Doctor's Escape


"The worst I was ever frightened," said Dr. E. D. Lucas, "was when called at midnight to attend a man reported to be in a dying condition. When I reached his bedside, he was dead and had been for several hours. His wife stood near seemingly calm, and when I told her that her husband was dead she said 'He is not dead. You are a physician, and you must cure him. If you do not, I will kill you!' I looked at her and saw that I was alone with a maniac. In her hand she grasped a pistol, and it was evident that she was determined to use it if I did not restore life to her husband. I knew that I must keep my self possession or all would be lost and felt his pulse, leaned over him as if listening to his heart beats and finally said: 'You are right. He is not dead, but must not be disturbed. He will awaken in the morning. As soon as he awakens give him this medicine,' and I poured some drops into a glass of water. Fortunately the woman was satisfied and allowed me to leave. It was a very narrow escape, and I felt relieved when the woman was taken to an insane asylum." — Cincinnati Enquirer.

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