Thursday, July 24, 2008

Burglar Nabbed in a Grocery

New York, 1895

Louis Wagner, who keeps a grocery in Laurel Hill, had a struggle with a burglar Sunday morning. The burglar, who said he was a New Yorker named John Reilly, was captured and is now in jail.

Mr. Wagner was aroused at 4 A. M. by the barking of his watchdog, which he keeps chained at night in his grocery, over which he sleeps. Wagner took his revolver and went down stairs. On opening the door leading to the store he saw a man behind the counter trying to open the money drawer. Wagner pointed his revolver at Reilly and told him to hold up his hands. The burglar complied, but when Wagner was about to grab him he turned upon the grocer and a hand to hand struggle ensued.

Both men fell to the floor in the scuffle, with Wagner on top. The grocer hammered the burglar with the butt end of his revolver until Reilly asked for mercy. In the mean time Wagner's wife and family were awakened. They summoned assistance, and the burglar was overpowered. Reilly said that he had come to Laurel Hill to witness a prize fight, and that he had lost his way. He found a window open and thought he would go inside for shelter.

Charged with Robbing a Comrade

The officers of Hempstead are looking for Charles Dispella, who is charged with stealing $200 and a lot of jewelry from a fellow workman. Dispella was engaged last Tuesday by Nathan Heilman. He was missing Sunday and upon investigation it was found that he had carried away the valuables and money from the trunk of Julius Yager, another laborer.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, May 10, 1895, p. 8.

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