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Poundmaster Derby Presents a Queer Little Bill

Morris Park Wants the Water System Extended

New York, 1895

The Public Business

Poundmaster Derby Presents a Queer Little Bill — Highway Commissioners Threaten to Throw Open the Toll Gates Again — Last Meeting of the Old Board of Trustees.

The town board held a meeting at the Town Hall on Friday. Supervisor Everitt presided. Justice Lester was absent.

Town Clerk McCook reported that he had rented a lot from I. U. Hyatt, on New York avenue, and the portable house used for election purposes had been moved on to it.

A petition from residents of Morris Park, asking that a water main be laid on Linden avenue from Chichester avenue to Broadway, was referred to Justices Lott and Kissam.

The following bills were ordered paid: Aloise Steffens, rent of building for election purposes, $10; J. H. Breel, painting and varnishing in Town Hall, $15; George L. Adams, window shades for Town Hall, $23.40; Charles T. DeBevoise, poll clerk, $12; Alvin M. Dunham, poll clerk, $6; D. K. Morrell, poll clerk, $6.

A bill amounting to $68.50 was received from H. C. Derby, poundmaster. Accompanying the bill was the following letter:

SIRS — In my report you will observe there is a space for deficiencies, the first of which was incurred by Mrs. Corbett, of Clarenceville. She left one cow for security for her ten other cows, and by certain misrepresentations to Judge Hendrickson succeeded in obtaining a replevin. In that case she took her cow away and with no payment to me. Mrs. Corbett's deficiency is $33. Theodore Neilson is in my debt to the amount of $1 for two days' board of a horse. Mr. Fulton's horse was kept the legal time. As he broke down and it became necessary to shoot him, he was taken away by the dead horse man after I had fed him six days; deficit, $6. On September 7th a horse was brought here by a stranger. I kept it six days, advertising all the time. Finally, at an auction it was sold, and after paying all expenses incurred deficit of $6. Mr. Clark took his horses from the pound; deficit, $7. A horse was brought from Dunton, kept six days; deficit, $6. January 8th Mr. Everitt sent a horse from Jamaica. After legal advertising and an auction he was sold for $4.50. On him, kept seven days, received $5. Total deficit, $68.50.

Respectfully submitted,

On motion of Justice Hendrickson the bill was laid on the table.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, May 3, 1895, p. 1.

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