Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tried to Drown Himself

New York, 1895

Leonard Gimlet Heroically Rescued by John Oakley, Jr.

There was an exciting scene at Brown's river, Sayville, Monday afternoon, occasioned by Leonard Gimlet, 18 years of ago, making several attempts to drown himself. From birth he has been a victim of epileptic fits. Monday Gimlet became suddenly crazy while standing on the bank of Brown's river, near the bay, and made a frantic outcry and rushed into the river, where he mired in the deep mud, floundering about in a desperate manner.

John Oakley, Jr., rushed in to rescue the boy. Owing to the depth of the mud Oakley was at a disadvantage to handle the fellow, and besides he no sooner laid hands on Gimlet than the latter turned on him. A hand-to-hand struggle ensued. Finally Oakley, being the stronger, got the advantage of his crazy antagonist and dragged him, feet first, to shore.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, May 10, 1895, p. 1.

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