Friday, July 25, 2008

What Gave the Earth Its Motion?


You have often asked or had the question asked of you, "What gave the earth its daily motion, and how is the force of that motion kept up?" but have never been really satisfied with the answer given or the reasons therefor which you were able to advance in explanation. The astronomers are not even agreed upon this question.

Some of them claim that the "original initial centrifugal force" was directed in a line slightly to one side of the center of the globe, which would of course cause the earth to rotate upon its axis, and by the law of inertia of matter must continue to revolve at a uniform rate of speed. This "law of the inertia of matter" is to the effect that matter once set in motion must continue to move until arrested by some outside force. Others claim that the motion is a "compound resultant of the motion of the earth in its orbit and the attraction of the sun." — St. Louis Republic.

His Reward

Not very long ago the Duke of Norfolk, while walking through the streets of London, happened to see an old lady in evident distress. She wanted a cab and could not attract the cabman's notice. His grace called a vehicle and saw her into it safely. To his surprise, he found three coppers slipped into his hand, and the old lady said: "There you are, my man. Go and get yourself a glass of beer!"

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