Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fitting the Foot


A veteran shoemaker contradicts the theory and practice of many of his craft who insist that the way to cure a distorted foot is to follow its abnormal joints and swellings in the last for the shoe. On the contrary, the shoe should be made as nearly the normal shape of the foot as possible, with the concession of a slight enlargement where the distortions are found. In this way the foot, unless the trouble is of very long existence, gradually will be restored to its proper and natural shape. — New York Times.

The Cormorant.

The cormorant is trained by the Chinese as a fishing bird. A ring is placed around the bird's neck, which prevents it from swallowing the fish it has taken. One Chinaman will utilize a dozen of those birds during the day's fishing, sending them under the water in regular succession. They were formerly used in the same manner in England. Charles I had an officer of his household designated as master of the cormorants.

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