Friday, July 18, 2008

Watkins Out $61 and Costs

New York, 1895

Clarence E. Watkins, of Roslyn, bought a piano some time ago and thought he had secured a bargain. It was purchased at a sheriff's sale, and cost the buyer $61. Immediately after Watkins bought the instrument it was claimed by C. Albert Jacobs. The latter said he had simply given it to the person who was sold out to sell on commission. The case was tried in Justice Sobey's court, and the piano was awarded to Jacobs. Watkins is out his $61 the costs of the action.

Verdict for $29,835 for Jamieson

A jury in the Supreme Court at Long Island City gave a verdict of $29,835 against the New York and Rockaway Beach railroad company, in an action brought by John Jamieson, owner of number of buildings destroyed by fire at Holland's Station, Rockaway Beach, on July 23, 1893. Jamieson alleged that the fire started from one of the company's locomotives, and he sued to recover $32,362.47.

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