Monday, July 14, 2008

In 1901


Mr. Shandy (petulantly, from his pillow) — Ethel, I know I heard a noise. I'm sure there's a woman in the house. I won't sleep a wink unless you go down and see!
Mrs. Shandy (exit, with revolver) — D—n it all, Willie, if you bother me like this again, I'll send you back to your father! — New York Herald.

Note: The point here seems to be that women are asserting themselves more and more and that men are standing by doing nothing about it. It's getting so bad that by 1901 we might humorously picture a complete reversal of gender roles.

The Bengal Grosbeck

The Bengal grosbeck builds a nest shaped like a bottle and always selects for its support a long, lithe limb, overhanging a stream of water. The entrance is beneath, and from the situation and peculiar shape it is absolutely impossible for a snake to gain admission to the nest. One naturalist records seeing 14 attempts on the part of serpents to get at the nest, but the hungry snakes always fell off into the water.

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