Monday, July 28, 2008

Campion Sues Mrs. Callahan

New York, 1895

For $5,000 Damages for Kicking Him on the Shins.

Edward Campion, of Jamaica, has, through his counsel, William J. Stanford, commenced a suit in the supreme court against Mrs. Margaret Callahan, who resides on the Campion property for $5,000. Campion alleges that on May 11 Mrs. Callahan kicked him on his legs causing him great pain and temporarily depriving him of the power of walking and hindering, him from pursuing his vocation.

Mrs. Callahan has made a complaint before Police Justice Detheridge that Campion assaulted her son by knocking him down and kicking him several times without provocation. Upon this complaint Campion was arrested Monday evening. When arraigned before the justice he pleaded not guilty and his examination, was set down for Saturday. The trouble between Mrs. Callahan and Campion arose from Mrs. Callahan's cows grazing in a lot said to be owned by Mr. Campion.

—The Long Island Farmer, Jamaica, NY, May 24, 1895, p. 1.

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